Nothing hinders your online success like a broken website. People are quick to judge, competition is fierce, and it feels like we wake-up to new algorithms every morning!

Hacking is at an all-time high (and it's not personal BTW), mind-blowing numbers of websites are being launched every day; all over the world. And then, everything changed in 2020.

Fear not... I'm here to help you track what you've built. This not only gives you a clearer vision of how, where and when to pivot, but you'll sleep better too.


  • Website Build and Edits

    You need a website for your business or you need changes to your existing website. I can help you with both, from simple changes to taking your ideas to the next level and beyond.

  • Shopping Cart & Membership setups

    Need a shopping cart, membership area, or a way to sell courses? I can help set this up for you researching the best option to fit your needs with full set-up and ease of use for you and you customers.

  • Social Media Strategy

    Let me help you set up and maintain your social media pages, setting up a strategy to get your information out to your ideal clients. How else will they find out how amazing you are?

  • Email Campaigns

    Building an audience to share your products and services is a must have. I’ve worked with many platforms and can help you set up and send out your email campaigns so you can increase your business.

  • Technical Support

    There is always technology involved with anything online and there is always something changing or new. I can help you pivot and quickly implement new technologies, helping increase your business success.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics lets you know who is visiting, how they're arriving, and how they are viewing your website so you can make the right business decisions. Let me set this up right for you.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    I'll look at both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness in search engines, increasing the quantity and the quality organically.

  • Online Business Consulting

    Using various tools at my disposal, I'm able to take a look at your business through a greater lens and help you set up and implement your Success Strategy Plan. I want to see you succeed.

  • Security & Updates

    It's important to have security for your website. I'll provide the updates necessary to keep things safe, plugging up any security holes, and monitoring things on a regular basis.




I've been working with technology for over 20 years and through a series of events I've found myself using those skills with entrepreneurs. I love supporting and helping online businesses grow, utilizing both my educational background and my geekiness.

It doesn't matter how old your business is, there are always opportunities to increase traffic and convert more visitors. It starts with understanding who your customers are and how they are interacting with your online presence. It's also about knowing what tools you can use to bring more traffic to your online presence.

This is where I come in, I can set up and track your traffic, helping you tweak various parts of your online presence. I also have experience with many different tools to help you build your traffic and convert your visitors into customers.



Direct Communication

You can email me anytime you need some help. I'm quick to respond and if you'd like a face to face I'll send you a Zoom invitation. It's important to me that we always have clarity so if either one of us has a question, we'll connect.

Weekly Check-Ins

Working together is about building a relationship based on trust and communication. There is nothing more frustrating then not knowing how things are moving along. Having a quick check in to address any concerns or for a fist bump to celebrate successes is a communication must.

Ongoing Growth

With my knowledge, skills and tools; moving your business forward is always on my radar. I'll always be looking at online trends and new ways for you to grow your business and increase your sales.



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